Upper Row Farm

We are a small, family run farm offering land and animal based social opportunities for people aged 18 and over with additional needs to develop skills and achieve positive outcomes.

Upper Row Farm is a working family farm where individuals can come to learn and develop skills in a friendly, supportive environment. We provide small group and/or individual opportunities for people with learning disabilities, physical impairments and other additional needs to be involved in a variety of activities which enables them to develop their own skills in a number of areas.

We are open all year round, rain or shine, and offer a mix of routine day-to-day tasks, such as checking, feeding and moving the animals, seasonal activities, like lambing and hay making and other tasks which are needed, from maintaining chicken houses, painting fences or clearing areas of weeds/rubbish etc! We are also a community collection point for crisp packets and other plastic waste so spend some time sorting and packing these for recycling-a great wet weather job!

It’s not all work and we try to spend some time enjoying nature and learning about the different things surrounding us on the farm through.

We provide a safe, welcoming and enabling environment where people can develop through a variety of practical and social activities, supporting each other to reach our goals.

If you, or someone you know, might like to come to the farm and would like to find out more about it please contact Steve.