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Chew Valley Library

51.33639, -2.59244

If you have a question about this Warm Space, contact:

Colin Emmett

  • Address

    The Link
    The Street
    Bishop Sutton
    BS39 5UU
    United Kingdom

  • Opening times

    Day: Thursday
    Opening time: 10.30
    Closing time: 12.00

    Day: Thursday
    Opening time: 2pm
    Closing time: 4.30

    Day: Saturday
    Opening time: 10 am
    Closing time: 12pm

51.33639, -2.59244

Details of any charges at this Warm Space

Drinks and food have to be paid for. Minimal charges apply to cover costs. Free on-site parking.

Bus stops near this Warm Space

672, 640, 683, 752, 754

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