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Timsbury Community Library

We are a Community Library that is linked to the B&NES Library system. Join the Library for free access to millions of books, audio books, DVDs and magazines through the Libraries West website and Borrowbox ( for E - reading ) and hundreds of on shelf books that can be borrowed. Large Childrens reading section, young adult literature and large print available.

51.32786, -2.47528

If you have a question about this Warm Space, contact:

Liz Casson

  • Address

    Timsbury Community Library YMCA BUILDING,
    North Road
    United Kingdom

  • Opening times

    Day: Monday
    Opening time: 2:30pm
    Closing time: 4:30pm

    Day: Tuesday
    Opening time: 2:00pm
    Closing time: 4:00pm

    Day: Thursday
    Opening time: 1:30pm
    Closing time: 4:30pm

    Day: Saturday
    Opening time: 10:00am
    Closing time: 12:00pm

51.32786, -2.47528

Details of any charges at this Warm Space

50p for a hot drink

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