Bath and North East Somerset Universal and SEN Support Graduated Approach

Find out more about the Graduated Approach to support young people with identified special educational needs.

Bath and North East Somerset have developed a set of standards for Universal and SEN Support, called the Graduated Approach. This is a tool for settings from Early Years through to Further Education to ensure consistency in the identification, support and review of those children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

This Graduated Approach was trialled by a core group of SENCos across early years, primary, secondary and further education. We have also developed a Parent-Carer version to explain the Graduated Approach. 

SENCos will find a copy of this on the Graduated Approach document on the Professionals SENCo pages. If you are not a SENCo and would like a copy of the Graduated Approach document, you can contact the SEN team