Benefits and Funding

Further information about benefits and accessible funding.

16-19 Bursary Fund

16-19 Bursary Fund further information 

A bursary is money that you, or your education or training provider, can use to pay for things like clothing, books and other equipment for your course, transport and lunch on days you study or train. You can also apply for a bursary if you are over 19 and have an EHC Plan.

Carer’s Allowance

Carer's Allowance further information

Carer’s Allowance is money to help you look after someone who needs a lot of care. 

Carer’s Credit

Carer's Credit further information

Carer’s Credit is a National Insurance credit you could get if you’re caring for someone for at least 20 hours a week. 

Child Benefit

You get Child Benefit if you’re responsible for one or more children under 16 (or under 20 if they stay in approved education or training).

Child Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit further information

You may be able to get an extra amount of tax credit if you have a child with a disability. 

Council Tax

Council Tax further information

You may be able to get a council tax discount if someone in your household has a ‘severe mental impairment’. 

Council Tax Discount

Discounts and Exemptions

Your council tax bill may be reduced if you live in a property where changes have been made to help a resident child or adult who has a disability.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

DLA for children further information

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children may help with the extra costs of looking after a child who is under 16 and has problems walking or needs more looking after than a child of the same age who doesn’t have a disability. It includes a care part and a mobility part.  

Disabled Student Allowance (DSA)

DSA further information

Disabled Student Allowance is available for higher education (for example University) students living in England.

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

ESA further information

If you’re ill or disabled, Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) offers you financial support if you’re unable to work and personalised help so that you can work if you’re able to.

Entitled To

Benefits Calculator

The ‘entitled to’ calculator can help you check what you might be able to claim.

Family Fund

Family Fund

If you’re raising a disabled or seriously ill child, Family Fund might be able to help.

Help with Health Costs

NHS help with health costs

Find out about when you need to pay, help when on universal credit, travel costs and personal health budgets.

Help with prescription costs

NHS help with health costs

You may be able to get help to cover the cost of prescriptions, depending on your circumstances.

Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit further information

In B&NES Housing Benefit has been replaced by Universal Credit. You can check online if you are eligible for Universal Credit to get help paying your housing costs, depending on your circumstances.

National Insurance Credits

National Insurance Credits

You may be able to get National Insurance credits if you’re not paying National Insurance, for example when you’re claiming benefits because you’re ill or unemployed.

Personal Independence Payments (PIP)

PIP further information

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) helps with some of the extra costs caused by long-term ill-health or a disability if you’re aged 16 to 64.

Turn2Us – Benefits calculator

Turn2us website with calculator

Turn2us is a national charity that helps people in financial hardship gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and support services.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit

You may be able to get it if you’re on a low income, out of work or you cannot work.

Working Tax Credit

Working Tax Credit further information

You may be able to get an extra amount of tax credit if you have a disability or a child with a disability. 

Other Benefits

Further government services and information

There is information on the benefits you may be entitled to on government's website.