Children's Centres

Information about the Children' Centres in Bath and North East Somerset

What are Children’s Centres?

Children’s Centres are places where parents with children aged 0 – 4 years can share the challenges and joys of parenthood. They offer a range of activities and support services to help you with all aspects of parenting to make sure your child gets the best start in life and improve their life chances. 

They also provide a range of support for families with children who have a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities or where there are concerns around a child’s development or behaviour.  As well as running groups to support child and family development, home-based family support including the following:

Portage Home Learning

A ten to twelve week home programme, for children with Special needs and Disabilities, that offers one to one support in your home with a Portage trained Family Support Worker. Your child will be supported through play activities to learn and develop.*

Family Outreach Support

We acknowledge that children don't come with instructions and at some stage during parenting there may be concerns that you may need support with. Outreach workers provide support to families in their home to help them with their child/family’s overall health and wellbeing.

Flying Start Home learning

Flying Start is a service that helps parents find out more about their child’s learning and how they can support their child’s development. It can really help children have a positive start to their early years setting and school.

Step by Step Programme

The Step by Step parenting programme is a 6 week programme designed to support parents/carers of a child with additional needs. A range of professionals deliver the sessions and introduce their service, answer your questions and help you to access the support that you need.

Theraplay Home Learning

Theraplay’ is a play-based intervention which supports a child and carer to form positive and healthy attachments and relationships. It is a structured form of nurturing play which is led and organised by the adult whilst being responsive to the child. Through this 10-12 week programme, carer and child are supported to further develop their relationship and trust in one another and other future relationships. The child’s social and emotional confidence is also developed.

Who can access support from Children’s Centres?

Families with a child or children aged 0-4 years.

Where are Children’s Services based?

Bath and North East Somerset has 4 main Children’s Centre Hub buildings:

  • Bath East, Keynsham and Radstock are run by Bright Start,
  • Bath West is run by Action for Children.

How to access our services

To access our services:

  • complete a Request for Support Form or
  • call into your local Children's Centre

Please see the main website for details:

Contact information

For Bright Start Children’s Centre services or
01225 396662 for Bath East
01225 396660 for Radstock
01225 395400 for Keynsham 

For Bath West​ or 01225 461970