Dementia Safeguarding Scheme (Herbert Protocol)

The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme used by police forces and emergency services across the UK, including Avon & Somerset Police, to support people living with dementia who might be at risk of becoming lost or reported as missing. The scheme enables carers, family and friends to compile a detailed profile containing important information about the individual that should they go missing, can be quickly provided to the police to help in their search and rescue operations.

The information is captured in a form and is used by the police to help locate vulnerable individuals. Information captured includes:

  • medication required
  • mobile numbers
  • previous addresses and employer details
  • places previously located
  • a photograph

Providing these details in advance means:

  • you do not need to remember vital information if you need to report a missing person, helping to reduce your stress at an already anxious time
  • we are aware of any locations an individual may have gone so we can start our search sooner, as often those with dementia return to meaningful locations such as childhood homes or places of work.