Adorno Companions

Home Help, House Keeping, Transport & Companionship

Why use our companionship service at home

Company and support

Our companions support individuals in their own home, as well as facilitating trips out.

Your companion can help you and your loved one with a range of everyday tasks, as well as sharing a sympathetic ear and being a friendly face.

We understand the importance of consistency and familiarity, especially when working with older people and those living with dementia. This is why we send the same person each time, and would only ever send a replacement companion to cover holiday, if you wish us to.

All of our companions are carefully selected, Enhanced DBS-checked and have a considerable amount of life experience. They are compassionate and patient. They will also be local to you.

What our companions can do in the home

Our companions will love not only getting to know you and spending time together socially, they are also willing to help and support with daily tasks and activities. Examples include:

  • Housekeeping and cleaning
  • Playing games and enjoying hobbies
  • Healthy cooking and meal planning
  • Organising bills
  • Doing internet shopping
  • Offering fitness support or short health walks
  • Gardening

Our companions can support you and your loved ones. We always aim to operate alongside and in conjunction with family and friends – working together as a team.

How to get started with at home companion care

Once you have made an initial enquiry, by calling us on 01173 790048 or emailing, a member of the team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

We will organise an initial assessment. This allows us to get to know each other and ensures we can achieve a good match between our clients and their assigned companion. From our experience, we have a lot of success at building long-lasting, trusting relationships.

You can be reassured that your companion will be well-matched and, importantly, have been extensively security checked and vetted to provide both a professional and compassion services, through our rigorous processes, including interviews and on-going training.