deafPlus and deafPlus vision services

A charity providing support to people with Hearing & Visual Impairments.

We offer advice and can provide equipment to enable people to live more independently. We have a drop-in service that operates Monday-Friday from 10am-1pm. You can come along and receive advice or try equipment to help with both hearing and visual impairments. Due to Covid-19 this service is currently only operating on a Monday and is by appointment only. We can provide a Home Visiting service to assess what would help you in the home. We can advise you on benefits and can assist with completion of application forms for these. We can also help with appealing decisions if necessary. We have officers that can assist people with visual impairment, hard of hearing impairment and people who have complete hearing loss. We signpost or refer you to other organisations if support is needed that we are unable to provide.