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Autism Acceptance Week 2022

On this page you will find relevant resources to raise awareness and acceptance of Autism, and thoughts on what we can all do to create a community that is inclusive and flexible to the needs of autistic people.

Information for autistic children and young people:

We have Autism pages on Live Well B&NES that providing information about Autism; what it is and how it can present itself in individuals. Visit our Autism section to find out more. 


Information for autistic adults:

You can also locate Autism services for Adults within the Adults section on Live Well B&NES.



The Autism Education Trust

"Autism is not an illness. The AET approaches autism as a different way of being rather than as a ‘deficient’ or ‘disordered’ way of being." The Autism Education Trust have a great overview of Autism. 

Centre for Applied Autism Research - Bath University

The research centre at Bath University research the strengths and challenges experienced by autistic people, to facilitate full and active involvement within society. Find out more about the research they do, and the opportunity to get involved if you want to:

You can also contact for more information.

Information for schools:  

The Specialist Autism Support Service (SASS) based at Fosseway School have created a video to introduce some resources they have compiled in the form of a Padlet. Within this Padlet, you will find resources for schools to discuss Autism with their pupils including assembly ideas and videos. They have also included details of Autistic role models, books by neuro-diverse authors, books for understanding and accepting Autism. Whilst some of these resources are aimed at a school setting, they can all be adapted for use at home with parents/carers and individuals. 

You can access the Padlet here

Introductory video from Becca at SASS:


Information for employers: 

The National Autistic Society have an infographic helping employers understand autism an how they can help their autistic employees. 

Ambitious About Autism have an Employers Network that can offer support and guidance to employers to better equip them with the knowledge to create an inclusive working environment. 


Case studies:

The Roman Baths have won an autism friendly award from the National Autistic Society. As well as the venue being autism friendly, their website also has information for autistic people to help them know what to expect before visiting, including detailed walkthrough guides. Have a look under the 'visitors with autism' section on their website. They also offer placements for autistic young people as part of the Project Search course. 


Youth Connect South West work with lots of young people, one of the things they offer is to help them prepare for work. Have a look at this case study on a young person and her inclusion in the workplace. 


Anne Hegarty is a famous autistic person, read more about her in the below document: