Here are some facts about autism:

  • Autism is something that you were born with and will stay with you for the rest of your life


  • Being autistic just means that your brain works in a different way to other people, this means that you may think and feel different to other people


  • Being autistic does not stop you from having friends or having a relationship or even getting a job, you might just need extra help with these things


  • Autism is not an illness and it is no one's fault


  • Autism is different for everyone, so you may be able to do things that someone else with autism is unable to do or they are able to do something that you can’t


  • Some autistic people may need help and support with some things


BBC Newsround have lots of videos presented by autistic young people talking about their personal experiences. The 'my autism and me' video provides a really clear overview of autism.

Meltdowns and Shutdowns

If you experience meltdowns and shutdowns, but struggle to understand why, Ambitious about Autism have created some really clear videos explaining what they are and how you can manage them. They use real life experiences from autistic people.

Image shows a screenshot of the You Tube video discussing meltdowns from a young person's perspective.


Information for those aged 16 and older 

If you are aged 16 years or older we have another page with information on:

  • transferring to adult services
  • options after you finish school
  • jobs
  • driving


Autism and your Mental Health

Just like lots of other people, you may have times in your life when you are struggling with your mental health (how you feel). If you feel like you are struggling with this, it is important to speak to someone you trust or maybe a doctor. They will be able to help get you the help and support you need. 


Groups for you

There are several groups in Bath and North East Somerset that you might be able to go to:

BASS Autism Services for Adults with Autism

Butterflies Haven

FACES - a group for you and your siblings 

Keynsham and District Mencap Society

Life Project Bath



Information for your siblings (brothers and/or sisters)

If your siblings need some information to help them understand your autism diagnosis, they can find some information on the National Autistic Society's website.


They might also be able to get some support from the Carers Centre, why not let them know they can contact the Carers Centre to see what they might be able to offer. 


Sibs offers support to siblings of disabled children and adults, and advice for parent/carers in supporting the needs of siblings. 


More information

For more information about autism, you can visit the following websites:

NHS - What is autism - information from the NHS about autism. 

BBC Newsround - has lots of videos of young people sharing their experience of being autistic. 

Autism Education Trust - The Den has lots of information, facts and quizzes on the following topics: 

CBeebies - Pablo, who is autistic, uses his magic crayons to create lots of adventures. - stories - autistic people and their families share their experiences of being autistic.