Somer Valley Breastfeeding Network

The Somer Valley Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme aims to support parents to breastfeed when they're out and about with their babies.

Local venues and services, including cafes, soft play, libraries and community settings have signed up to the scheme to demonstrate that they are breastfeeding-friendly.

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The venues listed in the Somer Valley Breastfeeding Directory have said that they will, where possible:

  • ensure breastfeeding is welcome in all public areas and is included in written customer care policies
  • uphold the right to breastfeed by ensuring that if someone complains, the complainant is moved, not the breastfeeding parent
  • if possible, provide a quiet/private area for breastfeeding parents who request it 
  • if applicable, inform breastfeeding parents that a private place can be provided 
  • display the Breastfeeding Welcome window sticker or certificate behind the counter
  • inform you that you are welcome to breastfeed 
  • offer a chair to breastfeeding or bottle-feeding parents
  • if serving food/drink, offer to bring your order to you if you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, or go to you to take your order 
  • offer water to breastfeeding parents
  • offer a clean baby feeding area
  • have somewhere a baby’s nappy can be changed
  • allow space for pushchairs/prams
  • ensure that every member of staff is aware of the scheme, the law that underpins the importance of a breastfeeding welcome space (Equality Act 2010), reads and agrees to this charter as part of their induction, and understands its importance.

Do you run a business or manage a venue in the Somer Valley? Would you like to join this free scheme? 

To find out more about joining the Somer Valley Breastfeeding Network you can read the Somer Valley Breastfeeding Welcome Information for Venues.

To join the Somer Valley Breastfeeding Network you will be required to sign the registration below and return to: