All-Aboard Watersports - Sailability, Paddleability & Powerability

All-Aboard is an accessible watersports centre, based on Bristol Harbour. We are dedicated to removing barriers so everyone has the same opportunities to benefit from watersports. We offer a range of services for people with disabilities. We can support individuals with disabilities in mainstream sessions, offer private group sessions and have sessions only for people with disabilities. Our Sailability sessions are perfect for disabled people wanting to learn and try our watersports. We are offering accessible sailing, paddling and powerboat trips.

Saturday Sailability, Paddleability, Powerability

We offer accessible sailing, paddling and powerboat trips on Saturday mornings at 10.30am - 12.30pm from April to October. It costs just £6 carer goes free. Siblings are welcome if we have spaces available. 

Sailing - Our access boats are perfect for people with physical disabilities as they sit in a supported seat and all ropes and steering is within reach. The boom goes over their head so they do not need to move across the boat, and the boat is designed to be very stable. We have a Drascombe Lugger and Devon Day boat which is perfect for those wanting to sail in a group or for those with learning disabilities. 

Paddling - We have a large variety of paddling options. Our Bellboat and katakanu's are very stable vessels perfect for a group paddling experience. We have Canadian canoes and a kayak with stablisers for those with poor core stability. 

Powerability - We offer wheelchair accessible powerboat trips where wheelchair users can easily come abroad in their wheelchair as the front of the boat turns into a ramp. 

Tuesday Sailability and Powerability

Our Tuesday Sailability sessions run from 3-6pm during term-time from April to October for just £6 (carer goes free). This session is more suited to participants who require quieter session and a higher level of support. We cannot guarantee sailing will be offered every week, however if you let us know you want to do sailing we will do our best to ensure an instructor will be there. 

Powerboating will be offered every session. If you are interested in doing the Powerability scheme where people with disabilities learn to drive powerboats, this is the best session to do this on. Please let us know if this is want you wish to achieve and we can talk to you about it.

All of our accessibility sessions are voluntary run.