Openings, Centre for Psychotherapy & Counselling

We offer you an opportunity to talk to someone in confidence in a safe and comfortable environment in the centre of Bath

Openings is a co-operative of counselling and psychotherapy practitioners which was founded in 1984 and is based in the centre of Bath.

Practitioners at Openings offer a wide choice of therapeutic approaches for individual adults (add including young adults) and couples and can offer therapy for many issues including: 

  • depression, anxiety or other mood difficulties;
  • issues of confidence or low self esteem;
  • a current trauma or past traumas;
  • changes in circumstances such as loss, bereavement, health or work situations;
  • relationship issues;
  • anger management;
  • stress management;
  • issues of racial, ethnic and gender prejudice and conflict;
  • dealing with the effects of sexual, physical or psychological abuse;
  • looking at deeper issues of self-change;
  • issues of existence, meaning of life, a sense of the unknown;
  • on-going personal work.

All practitioners are required to have a code of ethics which includes professional supervision and a commitment to their ongoing development.

To book an appointment, please go to the website and make contact with the therapist or counsellor directly or email us if you would like help choosing a therapist. 

Some (not all) therapists/counsellors offer concessions.

Some online/telephone appointments are available