EcoWild Nature and Wellbeing

EcoWild offers Nature Connection courses that relate to the 5 ways to wellbeing and the 5 pathways to nature connectedness.

Participants are guided to connect with themselves, others, and the landscape around them through walking, talking, crafts and guided meditation. Through this we are able to experience ourselves as part of the greater living whole. These are both practical and experiential courses that helps deepen our connection with nature in inspiring living landscapes. 

These funded Wellbeing courses are to support your physical and mental health through nourishing practices in nature.

We support people who are carers, isolated, struggling with their mental health or just wanting to keep themselves in their best state of health through the 5 ways to wellbeing and nature connection.

Many have complex health needs including going through cancer, recovering from/ waiting for surgery, long term health conditions like fibromyalgia, vertigo, arthritis, long COVID and inflammatory/ autoimmune conditions. 

On a typical day:
The morning will involve active practice such as a walk, gentle stretching, and also a mindful practice.

We will have an hour for lunch (bring your own packed lunch or a chopped vegetable to add to a shared soup).

The afternoon will be for creative practice, including a variety of nature crafts. There is no expectation to engage in these, you can see how you feel on the day.

Initial 1:1 meetings can be arranged to find out if this is right for you, or to help support /discuss any issues around taking part in a group.


Here are the locations the groups are run: 

Lakeside Wellbeing at The Community Farm, Chew

Nature's Respite at Combe Hay Vineyard,

Nature Connect at Midsomer Norton Town Park

Woodland Connect at Greyfield Woods

Further sessions and courses